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Related post: Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 21:37:43 -1000 From: Subject: Punked Master (part 2)AUTHOR'S NOTE:This writing is intended as gay male fantasy erotica involving BDSM. Only read if you are of age, allowed by law to do so, and personally interested in the topic. Do not duplicate this original work, unless authorized by the author. The saga of the punked master is fantasy material and not intended to offend, but to be enjoyed as such. CONTENTS:Author's Note Contents Note to Fans of photo lola preteen models Punked Master Summary The CAST RECAP RESISTANCE ReFALL COMPLIANCE DeVEST CONTRACT CHASTITY NOTE to preteen lolita in bikinis Fans of Punked MasterThis outline format (including the Contents, Summary, and Cast) is intended to help would-be bikini teen lolita models readers quickly determine whether or not this story may be of interest. It can also be used to navigate to the more effective aspects of the story line. If "Punked Master, russian loli nude photos part 2" suits you, I hope you'll return to read more at your leisure.I want to thank all of you who took the time to send an email of appreciation and encouragement in response to Part 1. Though I requested feedback, I was humbled and pleased by all the kind notes. I tried to reply to them, but was sporadic. Please continue to correspond if you like. I only had some back and forth correspondence with a few of you, but am continuing to enjoy that very much.Of course I worry that part 2 might not match the thrill some of you experienced with part 1. While, In due time, I have hopes for parts 3, 4, and perhaps even 5, the inspiration for Part 1 was long in the making. The punked master's plight lends itself to many possibilities, but how many times can "the mighty" fall before it just becomes slapstick?Your cyber lolita xxx toplist encouragement, feedback, suggestions, and personal experiences are lolita preteen underage uncensored all very much appreciated, helpful and inspiring. A special thanks to G-man for his helpful and repeated perusal of much of chapter 2 in rough draft. If you write, please feel free to let me know other stories of this nature that you most enjoy and/or naked gallery lolita bbs particular parts of this story that you gravitate to. A particular request: If anyone knows where I might read again a story about a sadistic top who falls under the hypnotic submission of the brother of one of his victims at a bar called the Grapple, please let me know. Yours ~ (please include prelolita preteen bbs guestbook "Punked Master" in the subject line. Thanks). SUMMARY (Spoiler Alert! Don't read these summaries if you prefer for the story to unfold.)PART ONE (previously posted):Tall powerful Master, with stable of three slaves goes into young taboo lola bbs an adult toy store to make some purchases. free lolita girl pix Short skater punk on the streets watches and follows them in. Master tries to show off nude lolita bbs preteen to the punk lolita web model alluring (hoping to seduce the punk into his stable of slaves), demonstrating various implements, binding his own slaves in the process. Master tries to put nipple clamps on the punk, but the punk challenges the Master, goading him until the Master, fearing to be humiliated in front of his bound slaves, clamps himself instead... going weak...PART TWO (posted try me lolita lyrics here):The once-proud master successfully struggles to regain his freedom, despite the punk's powers to instill hesitance in even the master's most loyal of slaves. Freed from physical bondage, but still aroused and nip clamped, the master's submissive lust is put video lolita sex links on display by the punk, for all to see. Racked in physical agony and aroused beyond reason, the master falls before the black young lolita teen punk and complies with his lolitas little models videos humiliating orders. The master is stripped of his leather vest and the little punk puts the oversized vest on his own small framed torso, highlighting the humiliation of the physically much larger and more powerful master's submission to the dominating little lolita nymphet preteen models punk. In a mindless haze of arousal, the master acquiesces as he helplessly watches his hand signing a slave contract. His cock explodes in a shower of slave cum, potentially cute little lolis pic releasing him from his crazed state of submission. He is again seduced by the punk's sweet ass, while the punk secures the master's cock under lock and key. THE CAST: Punk, 20, 5'2", 110 lbs. Master, 37, 6'4", 195 Slave1, teddybear, 34, 5'7", 200 (known 2 years+, live in 1 year + Slave2, divorced, 28, 6'2", 185 (known 7 months, live in 5 months) Slave3, newbie, 23, 5' nude child lolitas sites 9", 145 (chat intensely 3 months, first nude preteen loli cunt met 2 weeks ago, ) Punk's gang: Beefy, 18, 5'8", 175 Punk's gang: Studly, 18, 6'1", 185 Punk's gang: Gangly, 18, 6'5", 165RECAPMy head was reeling from the sudden turn of events. Just a brief half hour ago I was a proud master of a growing stable of slaves. I had paraded them into this adult toy shop to have my newest slave properly fitted and attired for his new life of service to me.When I first saw the hot little skateboarder punk sun preteen elweb lolitas on the sidewalk, my greedy lust had petite preteen lolitas posing me wanting to add him to my collection of slaves. This 20 year old lost boi, with his hot little skateboarder butt begged to be possessed. Clearly he just needed a dominant man in his life, and that was my role. I'm a man and have preteen romanian lolitas pics never had anything thicker than a boi's hot wet tongue on my butt hole, but I love penetrating a boi's sweet butt crazy lolita nude pics with my powerful cock, marking my territory and making his submission complete. My mouth had watered seeing the profile of his sweet ass as he stood on the street with his lackeys, but as he turned to see my entourage of slaves, his gaze seemed to pierce my mind. Soon he manipulated me into binding my own slaves in an magic nude lolita pictures effort to show off to him before he goaded me into clamping my own nips to save face in front of my stable of slaves. The vague fears of how weak that could make me were lost in the heat of the moment.The punk had used my own desires against me. He now has my 6'4" frame down on my knees. pic y o lolita My balls exposed and weighted with my wrists cuffed behind my back, I am helpless before 11yo preteen lolita jpg him. Kneeling, I am practically eye to eye with this short but commanding 5'2" punk.RESISTANCE"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I demand of the punk. I want him to realize how absurd the lolita girls model pictures situation has become. I am Master; I have three slaves trussed up behind me to demonstrate that very fact. He cannot keep me cuffed here just because he was quick with his hands."Let's just look at what you are doing..." he chuckled, as he lightly kicked the toe of his sneaker into my exposed, bound, and weighted nutbag. "You did this to yourself ... s~l~a~v~e~! " he laughed, emphasizing his newfound title for me."slave?!" No! This wasn't possible. No! I have used the term slave in many different contexts over the years, but it is not a title for me. This was too much. Hearing this little punk call me "slave" was like a blast of wind clearing my fogged mind. Momentarily forgetting board dorki iboard3 loli the beautiful and sexy lolitas weights the punk had hung on my collared ball sac, I rose to my feet. They tugged heavily on my nads and the internal ache twists in my lower torso, but my mind was pumping strong. With my cuffed hands young little prelolita bbs I proceeded to reach around for the key laid out on the display counter, amongst russian kitties lolita nude the many toys I had been inspecting for use on MY slaves.Anxiously, with the key to my cuffs in hand, I backed my way toward my trusted slave1, commanding him to unlock me. Happily the shackles I had demonstrated on him gave him the mobility to take hold of the key. As my teddybear slave1 worked to get the key into the cuffs, I heard the angels nymphets lolitas models punk chuckling loudly as he said "perhaps you should not..." and continued laughing. lolita family fun pics To my utter astonishment, I felt slave1 pause, in response to the punk's words. I could not believe my most trusted slave would even give a moment's hesitance to my commands at a time like this!While I held the cuffs before slave1, my fingers grazed against the underside of his baby lolitas nude models furry ball sac, and I felt his cock pulse, squirting a glob of pre-cum into my hands. He groaned, but art loli nude pic his training and obedience brought him back to me as he inserted the key and turned it... releasing the cuffs.Triumphantly I looked over at lolita bbs dirty virgins the punk, who just stood there, confidently piercing me with his gaze and quite grin. I swallow hard, but the knot in my throat persists. non porn lolita pictures Despite my small victory, the punk remains self assured. His attitude is so cocky, I begin to fear my freedom may be short lived. ReFALL The surge of adrenaline brought on by the punk's dubbing of me as "s~l~a~v~e" was wearing off and I became again acutely aware of the heavy weights hooked over the strap around my nuts. I reached down to release the hooks, young lolita amateur pics but they were tangled inside the fly. I unbuckled my belt and spread apart the top of my fly, pulling my jeans open. I pushed them down below my knees lolitas argentinas teen gays to gain get access to the heavy hooked weights dangling between my legs. The cool air rushed around my sweating legs and aching lower torso as my hard cock flopped into view. The pain was too much and I dropped to my knees, lowering myself so the weights would rest on the ground. That brought some small relief, while I struggled to unhook them. Once they really lolitas nude photos were released, my hand cupped my aching balls. The agony from my abused nutsac radiated thru my lower body so intensely it had overshadowed the sweet little lolitas girls piercing pain of the metal teethed nip clamps the punk had initially seduced me into putting on. Still looking down and trying to coddle my swollen balls, the fire in my nipples began to register again in my overloaded mind. Before my hand could reach to remove them, I became aware of the punk's skater sneakers on the ground little child lolita models before me, as he stepped closer. Still in agony, kneeling before him, my eyes rose to meet his. His eyes locked my mind, giving me pause, as his self-assured quite grin radiated over me. My hands seemed frozen. He swiftly took possession of the chain dangling between the nip clamps. As he gives the chain a light yank, a jolt of electricity blasts thru my mind and my arms fall uselessly to my side. I was overwhelmed. How could this 5'2" 20 year old little punk have done this to a grown man like me? loli boards free pics At 6'4" I should be overpowering this toplist nude girls lolita little punk, but instead he has me kneeling before him, balls and nips in erotic agony, with my army of slaves trussed up helplessly. The slightest flick of loli bbs pics girl his finger sends shock waves thru my nips, body, and mind. Feeling overpowered and on the preteen nude kiddy lolita verge of a meltdown, I stammer "please...""Please? Please, WHAT, s~l~a~v~e?" he says laughingly, as he gives the nip chain another tug for his amusement, watching me convulse under his authority."Nooo," I groaned, nn bbs loli art "I am not a slave... please."Once again his sneaker toe rises to tap my tenderized testicles. "Then explain this, s~l~a~v~e!" he says, while he drags the toe of his sneaker along the underside of my rock hard cock shaft. My dick throbs and pulses, then squirts a large gob of pre-cum cyber lolita pedo porn on the toe of his sneaker as he draws it away. My body betrays me, revealing the wiring of its desires.Momentarily forgetting the erotic pain that wracks my body, I hang my head in shame, knowing that like this punk, my lolitas world child models three slaves are looking down at me. "You ARE a slave," he declares loudly, while drawing back his sneaker. "I know it, `your' slaves know it, and you know it," he says, tugging again on my nip chain. "Hell, even the counter boy knows it!" he laughs, as he kicks me squarely between my splayed knees, his skater sneaker smacking into my dangling orbs.Time is frozen. Still, my hands hang uselessly at my side. In slow motion I could see him winding up to kick my nuts, but I can do nothing but wait for the inevitable. The humiliation, the yank on my nips, the explosion to my balls, I collapse into his kick, falling forward, flat onto my face, my ass in the air.I felt his hand reach down between my ass cheeks and topless little dancing lolitas grip a hold of my bound balls with his fingers, while his thumb pressed at my butthole. The punk shoved the toe of his sneaker, free gallery archives lolita glistening with my pre-cum, in front of my mouth and ordered "Lick it,!"I groaned, and tried to resist. His fingers wrapped tighter around my sac, his thumb pressed into my virgin hole, the smell of my own pre-cum wafted into my nose, my body cried in agony, my mind raced in total humiliation, my cock throbbed.COMPLIANCE"LICK IT, s~l~a~v~e!" he again ordered, pressing still harder with his thumb and tugging up on my helpless legal lolita nude modeling balls . My tongue came out and pressed into the dickjuice I had spilled on his sneaker and I licked it off. My hand reached under me to stroke my throbbing cock... I HAD to cum... it had all been too much.The punk laughed loudly, lifting up on my balls and shaming me further as he declared "No, s~l~a~v~e, you may not cum... not yet!""Oooohhhggg" I moaned, but my hand obeyed and moved back into his view.He laughed at my compliance. I felt his thumb press deeper into my hole and he now loli hot top 50 stroked my trapped balls in his palm and cooed "good slave... you need to obey lolitas bear hug galleries your Master."My mind was suspended in a cloud of erotic need. The more the punk pushed me, the deeper I young feel lolita bbs fell. I NEEDED to cum. russian lolita nymphets xxx I NEEDED to remove those damn clamps from my nips. I NEEDED to get free from this punk's power. I NEEDED to return to my rightful position of Master of my slaves. Yet, my mind could not shake free of this cloud the punk suspended me in."Rise up, s~l~a~v~e" he instructed, now standing behind me, with his control thumb still firmly planted up my butt, his fingers wrapped snugly around my testicles. Helplessly in a haze, I rose to my feet and stood head and shoulders above him. His hand reached around and slapped across my throbbing cock as he laughed and said "I see you are fully risen s~l~a~v~e! HA Ha ha haa!""Please..." Was all I could helplessly mumble, as I towered before him, my mind and body in the grip of his control. My submission to this punk was now on full display for my slaves to witness."Please what, s~l~a~v~e?" he taunted me."Please, just let me cum," my lolita young model porn voice choked. I knew if I could just cum, this cloud over my mind would be lifted and I'd be free to return to my masterful ways. I could take my slaves and leave. Likely I would have to be brutal to them for a while... reminding them of their enslavement to me, despite what lesbian loli incest porn they had seen here, but being brutal to them would be a release for this pent up angst the punk was building up inside of me.The punk's now too familiar laugh was his reply. Desperate, I realized my request was lolita art porn incest lacking, and repeated... "Please... let me cum..." summoning hope through fear, my head bowed as I added " ... Sir!" The punk knew that was coming and probed his thumb still deeper into my helpless virgin ass just as I was saying it, making the emphasis all the more dramatic. My whole body throbbed in erotic shame before him."Look at yourself s~l~a~v~e," the punk said. Like a puppet-master, he leaned his shoulder into the side of my lower back while turning his thumb planted up my butthole as his fingers gripped and tugged at my balls. He forced me to turn and face a full length mirror along the wall. I was stunned nude young teen lolitas by the sight. I had never seen my cock so engorged. The chain dangled between my clamped nips. My mighty 6'4" frame looked imposing next to this little 5'2" punk, yet he was amazing models loli ls in control. His fingers wrapped around my nut bag, while he peered into the mirror with his quiet grin. My gaze moved over to see "my" slaves staring back at me. Their looks were filled simultaneously with disbelief, excitement and disappointment in their once proud master. I hung my head in shame, as my cock pulsed, flicking another drool of pre-cum dickjuice arcing through the air. DeVESTMy powerful lolitas best photo sites arms hung helplessly at my sides, completely weakened by the nip clamps. The punk held me in a cute little nude lolitas thick fog of my own desires. "s~l~a~v~e," he said, reaching up to my shoulder with his free hand, while pumping his control thumb up my butt, "why don't you shed this leather vest, s~l~a~v~e. It is just a cloak of your former master days, isn't it... s~l~a~v~e ?"My mind raced with the same thought young preteen lolitas undressed over and over "this can't be... this can't be... this can't be." The punks control hand again tugged my balls leveraging his thumb deeper up my hole. My muscular body quaked to the flick of this little punk's slightest movements. I was as a giant puppet to this punk master puppeteer. My back arched, compliant to his command, as his photos nudist lolitas angels other hand guided my leather vest off my shoulders. I could feel the leather vest, a symbol of my powers, sliding down my massive nude lolitas art pics arms.Like a lifetime flashing before one's eyes, my mind recalled so many commanding scenes this vest had been a part of. In shock and horror I could see the reflection of the vest slipping away from me. In the mirror my eyes made contact with slave3. His twisted smile suggested he was enjoying the downfall lolitas castle preteen stars of his briefly-had master. Humiliated and angry with his betrayal, I glared into his eyes until he cast his eyes away. I looked to slave2 and saw he was both nervous and aroused with an intense sexual desire; his breathing heavy and restrained lolita teens little ladies as his eyes moved back teen lolita model pictures and forth from me to the punk master. Hesitantly, I forced my gaze toward slave1; I feared his disappointment the most. I was afraid he would be heartbroken to see me so used by this little punk. Instead I saw his excitement and a slight nod preteen lolita nymphets of approval in his eyes as he watched this powerful symbol of ls model magic lolita my masterful status slide away.The Vest had long hung from my towering frame like a flag of power. In liltte lolta child nude my defeat it was being hoisted down by this dominating punk. After his free hand had initiated the vest's decent off my shoulders, he dragged his fingers down my chest tugging sharply at the nips clamps. My body jerked in erotic agony. My eyes were drawn back in the mirror to his penetrating gaze. Though I little bbs cp lolita stood more than a foot taller than him, he somehow seemed to be looking down upon me.At a glance it seemed absurd. This skinny 5'2", 110 lb. punk was dwarfed by my powerful 6'4" 195 lb. frame, yet he completely commanded the situation. He underground lolita girls porn had tricked me into binding my own slaves and then forced his will over mine. He took control over me mentally, sexually, and now physically. And now he began the plunder of his triumph. In one quick motion his hand scooped down to claim my vest as it feel free. At the same time, with a yank he pulled his thumb from my hole and then open palmed he gave my ass a rapid series of sharp spanks. I stood in stunned little teen lolitas pics shock as the sound of his spanks echoed thru the store. His spanks to my sturdy butt electrified my little lolita boy models skin. The persistence of his pummeling radiated deeply to my core. "Get on your knees, s~l~a~v~e," he ordered me. Looking again to slave1 and seeing his slight nodding smile, I collapsed to my knees, confused, humiliated, aroused, and stripped.The punk slipped the large vest over his own small torso, as if to mock the size of his conquest. I kneeled before him, my head bowed in submission. My mind was a preteen lolita sucking cock whirlwind of confusion. My nips had been clamped, my balls squeezed and yanked, my hole probed, my vest taken, my butt spanked, yet thru the agony and humiliation I looked down to see my throbbing cock oozing pre-cum that dripped onto the floor in splatters.The CONTRACT The punk stood by my side, his hand reaching up on my shoulder as he kicked his skater sneaker past me. With full force he brought his heel swinging back powerfully into my battered balls. My midsection flung backward as my chest collapsed forward into the shattering pain. The jeans around my booted ankles held my feet together as my hands and face fell to the ground. My ass was now the high point of my body, sticking up into the air. "Nice butt cheeks, s~l~a~v~e," the punk laughed as he slapped preteens lolitas models pics them some more for his further amusement. I felt his foot step between my legs from behind. His upper leg grinding into my testicles as he leaned forward; he was reaching for something off the free lolicon pics com counter.Two legal length sheets of paper with a pen hooked over them dropped to the floor by my face. I immediately recognized it as the slave child lolita nude models contract I was intending to purchase a copy of for slave3. In my once proud and arrogant state of mind I had actually taken a second copy with the fanciful hope of the punk becoming my slave4. That dashed hope was literally being shoved in my face now. I groaned in agony and despair. "No... please..." Feeling the punk's leg pushing harder into my abused nuts, I quickly addd "Sir!"The punk moved his foot from between my legs and kneeled beside me. My well muscled body trembled at his touch. He placed his control hand in its familiar position around my balls while pressing real lolita site bbs his thumb to my butthole. A yank up on my balls lifted my ass higher in the air. "Sign the contract, s~l~a~v~e" he said firmly, lolita hairless gallery russian forcing his thumb deeper into my hole.My body shuddered in exquisite erotic pain and pleasure. My mind was on fire. I could not suck in air to breath and was sweating profusely. The punk's thumb slid out of my hole and used the sweat on my butt as lube to probe deeper. His underage lolita angels models fingers reached past my aching ballsac and stroked the base of my throbbing cockshaft. I sobbed desperately."Do It s~l~a~v~e" he flatly instructed. My hand shook as I took the pen in hand. It was a standardized slave contract with a lot of legalese. The writing was very fine print and used for show by myself and my peers. There were blank spaces for the dates and terms of the contract which were not filled in. Down on the floor on my knees and elbows, my probed ass on display in the air, I lifted my head to meninas lolitas bonita sexy see the blank lines at the bottom. From habit, my hand moved into position to sign the space marked "Master." The punk saw this and with a gentle urging of his probing and stroking hand he simply urged "ut...ut... s~l~a~v~e."My hand moved to the space marked "slave" and I watched in awe as the pen stroked out my signature. The punk's hand bbs angel nymphet lolitas released his physical control as he leaned down and cooed in my ear, "good s~l~a~v~e." Just then my eyes focused on the line of the contract where my name filled the space marked "slave." Untouched, my cock exploded with cum blasting past my face and onto the contract. Cum load after cum load shot out from my over engorged cock. The jizz landed on the contract, on the pen in my hand, on my forearms and on the floor around me. Two early volleys had blasted into the underside of my chin and across my lips, dangling down from my nose. I was bathed in my own slave cum.I had desperately sought an orgasm that would release me from this erotic fog of my mind. It was my own enslavement that had brought the release. It was too late.CHASTITYI collapsed in anguish, falling dark star russian lolitas over on my side and rolling onto my back. My mind continued to swim as I tried to fathom the series of events. I was gasping for air, feeling my slave cum dripping off of me. The ache in my balls glowed. The sharp pain in my nipples called for my attention and I sought to remove them. Vaguely, then, I became aware that the punk was straddling my chest and arms, facing away from me. Fatigued, shocked, relieved yet still in lolita russian school teenies traumatizing agony I closed my eyes and felt like I was floating in a void russian pedo loli fuck of space and time. In this pure darkness I was completely detached from my body. I relaxed into this abyss.I felt a yearning to continue floating in that abyss, but with every breath the call of reality became louder. This had all been amazingly intense, but enough was enough. I knew I needed to return to my former preteen lolita young cute self. I was intent on shrugging this little punk off of me and returning pre teen lolita com to my position as master of my slaves. I lifted my head off the ground young preteen loloita stories and was confronted by the punk's perfect butt cheeks encased in his skateboarder shorts, wiggling just inches from my face. I closed my eyes, the image burned in my mind as my head fell back to the floor. My desire for him returned and I was reminded how he had accessed the power to seduce me in the first place.With renewed determination I lifted my prelolita pics bbs sex head again, preparing to roll my torso over and shake him off. His ass globes were right before me. Under other circumstances I'd be licking them before fucking him royally. I reminded myself of my need to push past that desire and began to draw in lolita pics boy google a deep breath lolita preteen child erotica to alolitas lolita pre models rejuvenate my returning powers. Just as I was inhaling, the punk having just peeled the sneaker and sock of his foot leaned forward to lift his sweaty bare foot into my face. The top of his foot slide across my face and he forced his big toe into my shocked mouth while my nose continued to inhale the punk's nasty scent. Pushing his foot back, he forced my head back down to the floor once more. I lay dazed, aroused, and humiliated as my mouth involuntarily salivated on his toe, forcing me to swallow his foot funk.I could not fathom how the much awaited release of my nymphet lolita petite young orgasm could provide such a limited window of opportunity to regain my status. The punk's awesome powers of dominance and seduction were already stirring the arousal of the submission in me once again, undermining my resolve.I heard the punk laughing loudly, "bet you are enjoying that s~l~a~v~e!. And now, you'll enjoy this!" He removed his foot from my face amateur lolita nude pics and begin to rise up off of me, slapping my genitals as he stood. It was a very strange sensation and made an odd sound when he did so. He continued to chuckle loudly. Dazed, swallowing the lingering taste of his toe, I looked up at his piercing quiet grin and then craned my neck to look at my crotch. A tiny padlock shimmered where it held a metal tube that now housed my restrained cock, attached to a bracket around the base of my ballsac. The punk now had my manhood locked in chastity."I hope bbs very youngs lolitas you enjoyed that orgasm s~l~a~v~e, because it's the last one you'll be having for a long long time to come," the punk master declared for all to xxx lolita 12 16 hear.
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